Q. When will you erect and dismantle the marquee?

A. We will arrange to erect the marquee usually within 1 to 5 working days before your event unless specifically requested or agreed otherwise.The same applies to dismantling.

Q. Can we join a marquee onto a building?

A. Yes you can join to a building and either have a covered walkway to the marquee or come directly of the building to extend your space.

Q. Will we be able to dress the tables ourselves?

A. Of course, its your party. we will work with you to help and advise, floorplans, tables etc and the rest can be left to you We are more than happy to help with your ideas and suggestions you may have.

Q. How do I Know what size of marquee I need?

A. This will depend on the number of guests, and the type of event. Please see our marquee size guide.

Q. Can you have a look at the site to see if we can have a marquee?

A. Yes. We will come and assess every site before confirming a booking.

Q. Will there be any damage my lawn?

A. Your lawn may be slightly discoloured after removal of the matting/flooring but will soon

There will, no doubt be more questions you have, but don’t worry as the purpose of a site visit allows us to see and discuss your requirements in depth so all will become clear when we visit you.